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The Benefits of Tap

Welcome to the world of TAP, where purchasing a pass and riding Metro just got much simpler. The TAP card is a reusable fare payment card that can be reloaded again and again with bus/rail passes or stored value to provide our passengers with seamless travel throughout Los Angeles County.

The following are just a few of the advantages that TAP offers our customers:
  • TAP offers quicker boardings on Metro buses.
  • TAP offers "balance protection" if a card is lost or stolen.
  • TAP is secure as stolen passes can be quickly disabled.
  • TAP can be loaded at all Metro rail stations on the ticket vending machines to avoid standing in line at pass              sales outlets.
  • TAP can be loaded online at TAPTOGO.NET or by calling 1.866.TAPTOGO (827-8646)
  • TAP can be autoloaded each month without having to make a phone call or visit the Web site if the customer          sets up this service in advance at TAPTOGO.NET or by calling 1.866.TAPTOGO (827-8646)
  • TAP cards will soon allow seamless travel throughout the region on Metro and Municipal operators using EZ         passes or by using stored value.
  • TAP is a “green” alternative to a paper pass, as the same pass can be used month after month rather than                  being discarded like a paper pass.

TAP – Smart, Simple, Secure

SMART: It knows if a customer has a valid pass or enough money on the card
SIMPLE: Customers just tap the farebox and GO
SECURE: If a TAP card is lost or stolen, the pass can be replaced with balance intact.

Order Pass Online

Ordering a TAP card online is easy and convenient.  Use your TAP Card to add stored value at any time or to purchase a monthly or weekly bus pass.       tap cards

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