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AVTA Launches On-Request Microtransit Ride Service Pilot Program

AVTA Launches On-Request Microtransit Ride Service Pilot Program

Lancaster – On September 1, 2020, AVTA launched a new pilot program, providing the On-Request Microtransit Ride Service to the rural northern Los Angeles County communities of Lake Los Angeles, Pearblossom, Sun Village, and Littlerock.

AVTA’s On-Request Microtransit Ride Service is now operating at eligible pick-up and destination points along routes 50, 51, and 52. The pilot program is running simultaneously with the existing fixed route service, allowing residents to experience the new service and learn the advantages of on-request rides with flexible times and destinations.

“The idea for this innovative transportation solution comes from a detailed study of the needs of these communities,” stated AVTA Board Chairman Marvin Crist. “The residents need and deserve a quicker connection to the local AVTA system and to the businesses and services located in Lancaster and Palmdale.”

Eligible pick-up locations are within one mile of bus stops along Routes 50, 51, and 52 that are located east of Ave. J and 20th East (along Route 50) and east of the South Valley Transportation Center in Palmdale at Palmdale Blvd. and 40th East (along Route 51 and all stops along Route 52). These two locations are the AVTA Microtransit Connection Centers for Palmdale and Lancaster and provide passengers with access to the rest of the AVTA local transit system.

Likewise, eligible destinations are at either of the two AVTA Microtransit Connection Centers or within one mile of any bus stop located east of these two connection centers along routes 50, 51, or 52.
The On-Request Microtransit Ride Service uses a smartphone app called AVTA Empowered Mobility that can be downloaded from Apple and Android app stores for free. Users of the AVTA Empowered Mobility App can request or schedule a ride from any eligible pickup location to an eligible destination. Rides must be scheduled to occur during the service hours of Monday - Friday, 5 a.m. to 9 p.m., Saturday 6 a.m. to 9 p.m., and Sunday 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Fares for the On-Request Microtransit Ride Service are the same as AVTA’s local transit system. AVTA Senior Annual Pass holders and AVTA Veterans Pass holders may ride for free. Riders that are eligible for reduced fares will enjoy the same reduced fares on this service. Payment methods are currently cash or credit and debit cards through the smartphone app. Payment with TAP cards will be available at a later date.

Passengers may also choose to forego the smartphone app and simply call 855-833-8541 to request or schedule a ride.

AVTA provides local, commuter and dial-a-ride service to a population of more than 450,000 residents in the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale as well as the unincorporated portions of northern Los Angeles County. Its total service area covers 1,200 square miles and it is bounded by the Kern County line to the north, the San Bernardino County line to the east, the Angeles National Forest to the south, and Interstate 5 to the West.