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The Benefits of Using a TAP Card

The Benefits of Using a TAP Card

Do you use a TAP Card to pay for your bus trip fares? If not, you are missing out. The TAP Card is a reusable fare payment card that can be reloaded again and again with bus (and rail) passes or stored value to provide passengers with seamless travel across the AVTA fixed route system, on our commuter routes, and on particiapting agencies throughout Los Angeles County.

The following are just a few of the advantages that TAP offers our customers:
  • FREE TRANSFERS! When you use your pre-loaded TAP Card on AVTA's local system, a 2-hour transfer is automatically activated, allowing you to use multiple local bus routes within a 2-hour period at no extra cost.
  • Your TAP Card is Now on iPhone and Apple Watch
  • Your phone is the safe, easy way to pay with the new TAP App
  • TAP offers quicker boardings on AVTA buses.
  • TAP offers "balance protection" if a card is lost or stolen.
  • TAP is secure as stolen passes can be quickly disabled.
  • TAP can be loaded at the AVTA office in Lancaster and these Sales Locations.
  • TAP can be loaded online at TAPTOGO.NET or by calling 1.866.TAPTOGO (827-8646)
  • TAP can be autoloaded each month by setting up this service in advance at TAPTOGO.NET or by calling 1.866.TAPTOGO (827-8646)
  • TAP is a “green” alternative to a paper pass, as the same pass can be used month after month.

TAP – Smart, Simple, Secure

SMART: It knows if a customer has a valid pass or enough money on the card
SIMPLE: Customers just tap the farebox and GO
SECURE: If a TAP card is lost or stolen, the pass can be replaced with balance intact.
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You can also find an in-person Sales Locations here.