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How to Use the Bike Rack

Types of bikes allowed

Only conventional single seat, two-wheeled bikes, and recumbent and electric bikes the size of a standard bicycle are allowed on AVTA buses. Bicycles with oversized wheels, tandems and internal combustion engine-powered bicycles are not allowed.  
  • As the bus pulls up, raise your hand to attract the attention of the driver.
  • Before you step in front of the bus, make sure it completely stops and that the driver sees you.  
  • Squeeze the handle on the top of the rack and then lower the rack.  
  • Lift your bike and place its wheels in the trough, with the front wheel toward the spring-loaded bar. 
  •  Raise the spring-loaded bar up and over the front tire and place it on the top of the tire, close to the bike frame.  
  • Remove any loose items or valuables from your bike.  
  • If a bike is already in the front trough, load your bike in the rear trough, with your handlebars in the opposite direction of the front bike. 
  • Board the bus and pay your fare. 
  • As you near your stop, remind the driver that you will be removing your bike. 
  • Lower the spring-loaded bar from the tire and lift your bike off the rack.
  • Fold up the rack if it is empty.  
  • Go to the nearest curbside.
  • Wave to let the driver know you and your bike are clear of the bus.
  • Never cross the street in front of the bus; passing traffic cannot see you coming around the bus!

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