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AVTA Reduces Local and Commuter Transit Schedules Due to State Rollback and COVID-19 Case Surge

AVTA Reduces Local and Commuter Transit Schedules Due to State Rollback and COVID-19 Case Surge 

On July 13, 2020, Governor Gavin Newsom issued a reopening rollback for the State of California in an attempt to control the increasing rate of coronavirus spread. Renewed modifications of the original stay-at-home order have been made and many businesses with indoor activities have been closed statewide.

Ridership numbers on AVTA local and commuter routes have continue to drop during this latest increase in COVID-19 cases in Los Angeles County. With this latest surge in COVID-19 cases, AVTA has taken steps to protect our operators and the riding public.

“AVTA upholds the health and safety of our passengers and employees as our top priority,” stated AVTA Board Chairman Marvin Crist. “By cutting our daily service by 50%, AVTA will be reducing the health risk to our operators and passengers.”

AVTA’s Local Transit Routes will continue running, however as of Monday, July 20, 2020, all local transit routes will change to a reduced schedule for all days throughout the week, Monday through Sunday, until further notice. For specific timetables, please see AVTA’s Saturday schedule or visit the AVTA website at to download the reduced schedule. 

Additionally, Commuter Routes will be reduced. AVTA will continue to provide 11 total runs for routes 785, 786, and 787, Monday through Friday. 

       785       1               3:50              4:05          2:50
                       3               4:30              4:45          3:30
                       6               5:20              5:35          4:35
                       9               6:30              6:50          5:40
       786       1               4:00              4:15          2:50
                       3               4:50              5:10          4:00
                       5               5:40              6:00          4:50
       787       1               4:00              4:15          2:50
                       3               4:40              4:55          3:30
                       6               5:40              5:55          4:30
                       9               6:30              6:50          5:40

Route 748 and route 790 have been cancelled. Route 747 has not resumed service as access to Edwards Air Force Base has not been restored. 

Antelope Valley Transit Authority (AVTA), and all public transportation, continue to be defined as an essential service exempt from the order. Many people are dependent on AVTA to get to medical appointments, the grocery store, or to their place of employment. AVTA will continue to require face coverings and social distancing behavior at all stops, transportation centers, and on AVTA vehicles.

For additional first-hand information from experts on reducing the spread of germs, please visit

AVTA provides local, commuter and dial-a-ride service to a population of more than 450,000 residents in the cities of Lancaster and Palmdale as well as the unincorporated portions of northern Los Angeles County. Its total service area covers 1,200 square miles and it is bounded by the Kern County line to the north, the San Bernardino County line to the east, the Angeles National Forest to the south, and Interstate 5 to the West.