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Commuter Rules

Riding the Bus

Before you board the bus make sure it's the one going where you want to go. Each bus has two destination signs; one is above the windshield and the other is curbside of the bus.

Getting on the Bus

Please have exact fare or a valid TAP card ready to show the driver as you board the bus. If you are using reduced fare media you must also show your TAP card photo I.D. Please take a seat quickly and stay seated at all times.

While on the bus, please extend these courtesies to your fellow commuters:
  • Store your belongings in the overhead compartments and not on the seat next to you.
  • Keep your conversations quiet.
  • No loud direct-connect conversations.
  • Do not engage the driver in conversation.
  • All persons riding the bus must be fully clothed including shoes and a shirt.
  • Getting off the Bus
  • When the bus is getting close to your destination, pull the bell cord located above the window.
  • Please remain seated until the bus has stopped. After you exit, stand to the side of the road or on the sidewalk until the bus pulls away.
  • Do not cross in front of the bus.
Please remember that riding the bus is a privilege.
Passengers who refuse to observe these common courtesies may lose that privilege.

Bus Stops

For your safety, drivers will only stop at designated stops. We suggest that you be at the stop at least 5 minutes early.

Priority Seating

All AVTA vehicles have accommodations for wheelchairs. These are actually seats that fold up to reveal special security belts for tying down wheelchairs or scooters. If you are sitting in one of these seats and a passenger using a wheelchair boards the bus, we ask that you readily give up the seat. AVTA also asks that you offer the same courtesy to our elderly passengers.

Lost and Found

If you leave an item on the bus call (661) 729-2202 as soon as possible. All items found on the bus are turned in to our administration office and saved for 30 days. AVTA sends Lost and Found courtesy cards to the address found on any item turned in. AVTA is not responsible for stolen items.

Safety and Security

AVTA has zero tolerance for acts or comments that could be perceived as threatening to another passenger or the bus driver. If you observe any suspicious behavior or abandoned packages, report it to your driver immediately. AVTA will contact the police for assistance if necessary.